Architecture and Technology Leadership

I am an experienced architectural leader, and have extensive expertise in enterprise architecture, solutions architecture and architectural governance.

Enterprise Architecture

As an enterprise architect I can perform the following activities for a department, domain, or the whole enterprise.

  • Identify and engage with an appropriate set of business and technology stakeholders across the enterprise or department.
  • Analyse and document the current-state systems landscape.
  • Work with the stakeholders to agree and ratify principles, constraints and priorities.
  • Develop one or more candidate target enterprise architectures, and validate them against the principles, constraints and priorities.
  • Ratify the preferred target architecture.
  • Develop roadmaps to move from the current state towards the target.

Solutions Architecture

As a solution architect I can perform the following activities for a project or programme.

  • Identify and engage with an appropriate set of business and technology stakeholders.
  • Confirm scope, context and requirements with my stakeholders.
  • Identify candidate architectural solutions, and validate them against the project’s requirements, priorities and constraints.
  • Design and document the preferred architecture, and ratify it with the stakeholders.
  • Oversee the implementation of the architecture, to ensure that it aligns with the original vision, and amend / improve that vision where necessary.

Architectural Governance

I am also experienced in designing and implementing architectural governance frameworks, and performing architecture reviews for planned or in-flight projects.

My architecture reviews ensure that:

  • project scope and context are clear
  • the system will meet its functional requirements
  • the system will exhibit the required quality properties (“non-functional requirements”)
  • the system’s architecture follows the organisation’s IT strategy and enterprise architecture principles
  • the system’s architecture is sound and follows good practice
  • architecture change management on the project is lightweight but effective